Planning Vietnam holiday for an Australia family

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After a hard-working year, a family trip is definitely a precious and long-waited opportunity to strengthen the relationship amongt family members, and Vietnam is a perfect place for this. In this post, we want to show your some notification before planning your trip to Vietnam, especially for Australian passport holders.

1. Visa application

There are now 2 ways to apply for Vietnam visa including applying at Consulate general of Vietnam in Sydney/ Vietnam embassy in Australia and getting Vietnam Visa on Arrival.

If you live too far from the nearest Embassy or Consulate, want to visit Vietnam by plane, or simply don’t want to deal with authority, the second one is highly suggested as applying Visa online will help you either reduce the time and cost.

Unlike the traditional type (which you apply at Consulate General of Vietnam in Sydney), the total cost of VOA only include service and stamping fee which varies based on your number of applicants, date of entry and exit. The more people apply for, the cheaper price you will get. Please go online at website for more information. In addition, car-pickup service is also provided to carry you directly to the intended destination at an affordable price.

2. Best time to visit

Spring is a best time for you and your family to visit Vietnam (February to April), flowers blossoms nearly everywhere making it a colorful and vibrant carpet. Especially, from March to April, the rainfall remains low and temperature is pleasant. There will only gentle rains in the early morning bringing a misty and pristine look to the landscape.

If you choose to visit Sapa, Ha Giang, or Moc Chau, the whole landscape is covered in Cherry blossoms making it a best place to take a photo-shoot.

However, as an all year-round destination, tourists can visit Vietnam at any time of the year, especially in some Southern places such as Ho Chi Minh City or Mekong Delta. Sudden rains should be expected but it will not affect your trips.

3. Vaccination

Tourists should be aware of some tropical diseases while travelling in Vietnam such as malaria, dengue fever, or tetanus too as the proper vaccine will greatly depend on your physical status and length of stay. It’s better to come to see doctor and get appropriate shot and advice. Some kinds of vaccinations are required 4 to 6 weeks to take effect, so it’s advised to get it early.

Bring first-aid kits to prevent infection from wound and accidents.

4. Room booking

With the rapid development of economy and construction boom anywhere, it is easy to find a room that suits your demand while the price is competitive (a bit high as compare to South-East Asian standard) and quality is relatively excellent. In some famous destinations, or in peak season, the room rate can rise remarkably, but bargain can be made in advance as well.

Before coming to any places, please check whether there are any festivals or holidays because it is nearly impossible to find a vacant room during that time, so making reservation is a must. Another useful fact is that all hotels charge 10% of tax (5% in some cases). These charges may or may not be included in your total cost, you should ask the service provider in advance to make it clear.There are some online websites and app that can help to find your appropriate rooms such as Trivago, Expedia, Homestay, etc.

Some worth-noting information before your trip to Vietnam has just been provided. In case of any further support, please feel free to contact, we will try to help you at our best.

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