Vietnam visa changes 2018 for Australians

Vietnam visa changes 2018 for Australians

October 29, 2018by

Is there any change regarding Vietnam visa for Australian citizens in...

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What should Australians pack for a trip to Vietnam

What should Australians pack for a trip to Vietnam?

July 12, 2018by

If this is the first time you travel Vietnam with your...

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Overview on traveling Indochina for Australians

Overview on traveling awesome Indochina for Australians

May 24, 2018by

Indochina which is a part of mainland south East Asia, comprised...

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Vietnam visa official sites

April 9, 2018by

There are 3 main types of visa. Corresponding to that is...

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4 famous hundred-year-old ancient houses in Mekong Delta region

April 2, 2018by

Although built in the last century, the ancient houses of Cai...

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3 Things Australians need to consider before entering Vietnam

March 27, 2018by

For Australians especially who plan to visit Vietnam, taking a...

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Planning Vietnam holiday for an Australia family

March 14, 2018by

A family trip is definitely a precious and long-waited opportunity to...

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Travel tips for Australian – Baggage allowance at Vietnam airport

October 19, 2017by

Useful information on food, drinks, vaccination, Vietnam-duty free allowance and restricted...

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Best time to visit Vietnam for Australians

October 16, 2017by

Because of its geography, Vietnamese climate varies greatly from North to...

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