Travel tips for Australian – Baggage allowance at Vietnam airport

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You’re planning to travel to Vietnam? Read this post to know permitted items that you can bring along when entering Vietnam airport.

Visa for Vietnam from Australia 

Vietnam Visa is not the item that you can get immediately in case you forget. Also, it’s compulsory for your legitimate Vietnam staying. If you’re lucky to choose the best convenient method to get Vietnam visa – Vietnam visa on arrival,  remember to bring along:

  • Your passport, Visa approval letter
  • 2 Passport-sized photos
  • Vietnamese visa application form, and
  • Stamping fee

to the Immigration Officer to get Visa stamped onto your passport.


  • Most of food without smell and water can be brought in the passenger cabin.
  • Please note that you should not bring coconut, durian, and jackfruit as they have water and smell. However, if durian and jackfruit are divided and put in a close box, they will be allowed on board. Snacks can be brought on board.


  • All kinds of cosmetics in form of liquid such as shampoo, shower gel, perfume, and cleanser… must be put in bottles (only 10 liquid bottles are allowed) or containers with the capacity of less than 100ml. Toothbrushes and shaving table are allowed in hand baggage. In addition, these bottles or containers must be put in a transparent plastic bag.
  • The law doesn’t apply to milk, baby food or liquid medicine without a prescription.
  • Liquid products bought at duty-free stores at restricted departure areas can be brought onboard without a limit on the volume as long as they are carried in a plastic security bag with a receipt clearly stating the time and location of purchase.

Noi Bai International Airport


Vietnam duty-free allowance

  • 5 liters of liquor of 22 percent or higher volume, 2 liters of liquor or wine of under 22 percent volume and 3 liters of alcoholic beverage or beer
  • 200 cigarettes, 100 cigars or 500 gram of tobacco shreds
  • The value of other luggage, which is not on the lists of banned goods from import, temporary import or subject to conditional import, must not exceed VND 10 million.

Declaration is required for following cases:

  • Foreign currency more than US$ 7000
  • Gold and jewelry are not for personal use.
  • Video tapes, DVDs, and CDs will be kept for screening within a few days.
  • Vietnam Dong in excess of VND15.000.000
  • Gold in excess of 300gr

Each passenger is allowed to carry following items as hand luggage for free to use for the personal purposes or on board that is retained by passenger’s custody:

  • A backpack, lady’s purse or pocketbook which is appropriate to normal traveling dress and is not used as a container for the transportation of articles which would otherwise be regarded as baggage.
  • A coat, light blanket or wrap
  • An umbrella or walking stick (except one with metal-filled sharp pointed end)
  • A laptop, a compact camera and/or binoculars.
  • A limited number of books for reading during the flight.
  • Infant’s food during the flight
  • Infant’s carrying basket or bassinet
  • A fully folding wheelchair
  • A pair of crutches or other prosthetic devices for passenger’s use.

The restricted items on board

  • All knives included the hunting knifes and others.
  • All swords
  • Bludgeons, blackjacks or similar instruments.
  • Any devices or instruments are not commonly viewed as dangerous, but the possession of which suggests that it may be used as a weapon, namely, ice picks, straight (cut-throat) razors, long-blade scissors, etc.

Vaccine is no need to bring on broad, but if you were in some certain countries, you will be checked your health up at the Customs post. Medicine must be brought only in the prescribed dosage and declared at the Customs as well.

In conclusion, you will have a perfect trip in Vietnam when you know the baggage allowance well. Therefore, you do not have to carry many things or get rid of unacceptable utensils while arriving at the airport.

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