Overview on traveling awesome Indochina for Australians

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Indochina which is a part of mainland south East Asia, comprised of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Being an Australian, if you want to travel to Indochina, you need to get to know a little about all. You will find it exciting experience when spending time there.

And here, Visa-Vietnam.com.au would like to take you briefly through all three Southeast Asian countries.

1. Traveling to Cambodia for Australians

Cambodia is considered as charming kingdom that casts a spell on every its visitors. If Cambodia is mentioned, everyone must remember Angkor Wat. Cambodia’s Angkor Watt quite simply becomes one of the most splendid attractions in all of Southeast Asia. To Cambodian, the ruins of Angkor were never really lost to the Khmers, who have used the monuments as religious sites throughout their history.

Siem Reap: Just five kilometers south of Angkor Wat, Siem Reap has turned into the fastest growing settlement in the nation.  Visitors tend to see the temples but there are still lots of things to do around the city, including some local tours to suit both foodies and adventurers.

Siem Reap - Cambodia - Indochina traveling for Australian - Vietnam visa
Siem Reap – Cambodia

Phnom Penh: A perfect combination of cultures, times, peoples and worlds, in Phnom Penh you can find temples, markets and buzzing back streets. This thriving city brings together Cambodian to develop Cambodia tourism.

Food is a Limited choice and for what you get, by Asian standards, can be expensive because of a strong dependency on imports. Food in Cambodia is not various as in Thailand. Thus people rather enjoy magnificent places of interest than go to the food stall as it happens in Thailand. However, Cambodia still has some famous dishes that make travelers unable to resist the tasty flavor of them.

Cambodian visa for Australians: as an Australian, you are required to obtain a valid visa to enter Cambodia. There are 2 options to obtain a Cambodia visa for Australians, namely obtaining online via Cambodia’s Department of Immigration website or obtaining visa on arrival on entering Cambodia through major entry points and certain land borders. If the latter is chosen, you must enter Cambodia via business hours. Otherwise, only the former is available.

2. Australians traveling to Laos

Laos provides a pleasant pace for travelers who enjoy being in nature. This small country still has stunning scenery such as Bokeo Nature Reserve, the Hindu temple Wat Phu or Vang Vieng where tourists can go kayaking and go tubing

Laos food is remarkably delicious in Luang Prabang, thanks to the French for having brought their bread and little triangles of cream cheese. Overall, Lao food is great and can be found in one of the great Lao restaurants in Bangkok or at least once try them in local citizens’ home. One of the traditional foods in Lao is Lapp a dish made from finely chopped meat, chicken or duck with uncooked rice grains that have been fried and crushed. Laap is better eaten with raw vegetables and sticky rice.

Lao Food - Vietnam visa
Lao Food

Lao food is usually fresh vegetables and herbs so they appear in almost every Lao meal. Meat and fish are usually grilled or steamed, which are fresh and low-fat. For this reason, vegetarians visiting Laos won’t have any problems with the food. Lao cuisine also has many regional variations, due to the fresh foods local to each region. You can either have an authentic Lao meal (khao niew or sticky rice is a staple) cooked in many of the restaurants or take time to cook delicious Lao dishes for your lunch. Most of Lao food is eaten with hands. For example, Sin Savanh (Lao Beef Jerky) is Sundried beef strips tasting good with Beer Lao. The strips are left to dry in sunlight as well as deep fried until lightly crispy and served with sticky rice or jaew maak len (tomato-based chili dip).

Lao visa for Australians: You, holding an Australian passport also need a valid visa to enter Laos. And you also has 2 options to get a Lao visa, namely getting a visa at the Lao embassy prior to your trip to Laos or getting a 30-day visa on arrival at road and river border crossings and ports of entry into Laos. In the former option, remember to bring one passport-size photo with you to get the visa.

3. Australians traveling to Vietnam

Vietnamese are open and welcoming towards foreigners. There are a few great spots in the typical north-south crowds with some best dishes. In the South of Vietnam everyone knows Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral while in the North Temple of Literature is popular to Vietnamese. If you ask any Vietnamese people about the most visited places of the city’s center or symbol of Ho Chi Minh City, the answer will definitely be Ben Thanh Market or Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral (officially Basilica of Our Lady of The Immaculate Conception). Though in the same business district, the market stands in a modern crowded neighborhood, the ancient cathedral is located at a peaceful picturesque corner at the intersection of Pham Ngoc Thach St, Le Duan St and Cong xa Paris St.

Vietnam traveling for Australians - Vietnam visa online
Vietnam traveling for Australians

Constructed between 1863 and 1880 by the French colonis, Saigon Notre Dame Catheral was first called Saigon Church then given after Bishop Pham Van Thien who held a ceremony to install the statue of Peaceful Notre Dame. What makes it a prominent attraction is that a Virgin Mary statue also stands in front of Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral, which locals claimed to have shed tears in October 2005. Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral is considered as a religious institution for the local population as well as a place for best photographs. The most suitable to visit is on Sunday mass at 09:30 or during the night every day. Not only a holy place for worshipers but also a picturesque sight that many people including foreigners would love to take photos of it.

The Temple of Literature is, in the center of Hanoi, constructed in 1070 under Ly Thanh Tong’s dynasty, It first honors Confucius second celebrate the doctorates and high rank scholars of Vietnam. Moreover it is considered as the first university of Vietnam.

There are a total of 82 tombstones, which is above tortoise backs with names and origins of 1307 doctors, corresponding to 82 examination courses from 1442 to 1779. During their visit in May or December when many important examinations are held, numerous students who come and rub the tortoise head will be caught sights of by foreigners. They believe such an act would give them luck to pass the tests. The Temple of Literature holds a huge number of historical facts that wait for travelers to discover by applying Vietnam visa and getting to this religious landmark without hesitation.

Moreover, in each city or province of Vietnam, there are various local specialties that you do not want to miss them. They are not only tasty but also give you a new experience in different flavors of them.

Vietnam visa for Australians
Vietnam visa for Australians

Vietnam visa for Australians: Like entry into Laos and Cambodia, you also need a valid visa to enter Vietnam. And in this case, you have 3 options to do so.

  1. Get visa via Vietnam Embassy;
  2. Get E-visa to Vietnam (for tourists intending to stay in Vietnam no more than 30 days with single entry only); or
  3. Get Vietnam visa on arrival.

Of which, the third option is considered most convenient for both short-term and long-term single/multiple entry visa for both leisure and business travelers to Vietnam. Here is full process and total cost of Vietnam visa on arrival for Australians.

In short, Indochina is obviously a great combination for Australian tourists to visit them all. It doesn’t cost you much time and money to have a great journey in South East Asian countries because cost of living is not as high as others and all pleasantly welcome you by offering you a simple visa application. So why don’t you take a chance to explore Indochina once?

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