[Warning] No Vietnam e-visa for Australians to Vietnam

By: hanhpham

As of February 1, 2017, the Vietnamese Government has officially launched a new alternative way to obtain a valid visa for Vietnam, which is called E-VISA.  However, unlike the two other ways to get valid visa for Vietnam: get via Vietnam embassy and get visa on arrival, this new way is just available for nationals of 40 countries only – EXCLUDING AUSTRALIA (see list of nationals eligible for Vietnam E-visa).

So, how to obtain Vietnam visa for Australians at the moment?

As mentioned above, there are up to 2 ways to obtain a valid visa for Australians to Vietnam as follows:

  1. Getting visa via Vietnam Embassy; or
  2. Getting Visa on Arrival.

Now, let’s learn each by each.

Description Visa on arrival Embassy visa
Issued by Vietnam Immigration Department Vietnam Embassy
Processing time 2 working days (or 2 hours urgent) 4 – 5 working days
Processing fee From US$21 (excluding stamp fee) US$67 – US$95
Additional fees None Postal cost, driving, parking fees
Passport required No Yes

Now, let’s discover one by one to figure out which is the best for  you.

1. Visa at Vietnam Embassy

How to get

You may visit any embassy of Vietnam (either Vietnam Embassy in Australia or in any other countries which is convenient for you) to submit the visa application form.

Following is the typical procedure applied by the embassy:

  1. Download the application form on website of the embassy you are planned to apply for visa with, fill it out and attached it with a photo;
  2. Prepare documents for application, including: application form, original passport, photos and visa fee and others as required by the embassy;
  3. Travel to the Embassy to submit application documents and pay for visa fee;
  4. Get the Appointment Letter and then leave there for home;
  5. Travel back to the embassy on the appointed date to pick up original passport and visa.
  1. Available to all Australians to Vietnam by any means of transport.
  2. Having stamped visa on passport before departure to Vietnam.
  3. Processed separately.
  1. Inconvenient for those living far from the embassy;
  2. Long processing time (often 4 – 5 working days);
  3. No urgent processing (2 – 4 working hours);
  4. Possible long queue at the embassy;
  5. Hassle with sending away the passport.

2. Vietnam visa on arrival

How to get

This way is said to solve the inconvenience of the former way. Its process is completely different. It requires no travel or no sending off original passport and other documents via post either. It just requires a device with internet access. Accordingly, it is said very convenient for those living far from the embassy.

To pick up visa on arrival, one is required to obtain a visa approval letter before departure for Vietnam.

And following is the entire process to get Vietnam visa on arrival for Australian citizens:

Get cheap and easy Vietnam Visa for Australians

  1. Go to https://booking.vietnam-visa.com/step1.html, and complete the form here (no document is required);
  2. Review to make sure all information is correct, and then make payment of service fee online;
  3. Wait for maximum 2 working days or even 2 working hours in urgent cases (for tourist visa) to get visa approval letter delivered to email together with detailed guide to pick up full visa upon arrival at Vietnam airport;
  4. Get visa stamped upon original passport upon arrival at Vietnam airport (a few minutes at the airport).
  1. Convenient for those living far from the embassy;
  2. Short processing time (2 working days only);
  3. Urgent processing (1 – 2 working days only);
  4. No hassle with sending away the passport.
  1. Available for those traveling to Vietnam by air only;
  2. Possible long queue at Vietnam Immigration Counter at Vietnam airport to get visa stamped;
  3. Often processed in group.

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