Vietnam visa requirement for transit in Vietnam

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Hi. We hope this information reach you.

We have booked airplane tickets from Seoul to Melbourne during Christmas via Vietnam Airlines. The flight itinerary is: Seoul to Ho Chi Minh City, stay at the airport for 50 minutes, then Ho Chi Minh City to Melbourne.

We are Australian passport holder, and we do not wish to go out of Ho Chi Minh City. Greatly appreciate your confirmation that for only the airport transfer, we don’t need visa, right?

Thank you very much.

Have a nice day ahead.

Dear Keen,

Please note that if you are travelling on a transiting flight and do not leave transit area, no Vietnam visa would be required. In case, you need to leave transit area to check- in another flight, you would need to apply for a single entry visa. In this case, you can apply for visa online with us by clicking on the link:

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