Vietnam visa for US – back to previous types

By: hanhpham

Did anyone here, especially US passport holders who plan a visit to Vietnam fall in shock in late August 2016 when it was announced that all US travelers were required to obtain a 1-year multiple entry visa for Vietnam even they just wished to stay in the country for a few days without any plan to come back within 1 year. We – – a very popular name among Australian citizens and residents in general, and US travelers in Australia in particular received a lot of complaints saying that it costed them a lot for their family to stay in Vietnam just 10 days.

back to various types of Vietnam visa for USBut the thing is different now and we are so happy to announce it right now. At the moment, from December 15, 2016, all US travelers to Vietnam can once again apply online for other types of visa available to them before, namely:

  1. Tourist visa
    1. 1 month single entry visa
    2. 1 month multiple entry visa
    3. 3 months single entry visa
    4. 3 months multiple entry visa
  2. Business visa
    1. 1 month single entry visa
    2. 3 months single entry visa
    3. 3 months multiple entry visa
    4. 6 months multiple entry visa
    5. 1 year multiple entry visa

In addition, with the exchange note between the Vietnam Government and the US counterpart, US tourists to Vietnam has one more option for visa: 1-year multiple entry visa. With this visa, US tourists can stay in Vietnam for maximum 3 months per each entry.

So now, the procedure and cost of visa on arrival for US passport holders to Vietnam is the same as those for Australians and others.

With the hope to save money of travelers as much as possible, we now offering US passport holders who have obtained visa approval letter with us but wish to stay in Vietnam for short time an opportunity to get short-term visa approval letter for free.

If  you are among these beneficiaries, you will soon receive our email. Please check your email in the next few days and let us know which kind of visa you wish to obtain.

Should you need more information, please feel free to let us know.

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