Vietnam – the best value holiday destination in 2014

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The leading global travel website of Skyscanner has just announced a list of the 10 best value holiday destinations in the world in 2014 in which Vietnam wins the first.

vietnam among 10 best value holiday destinations 2014 - Vietnam visa on arrival application guide

The site says that Vietnam is now a well-established stop on the Southeast Asia trail with various beautiful landscapes and unique culture and also cheap price. Coming to this place, you, perhaps, will never break your bank. In this place, you can find beds for £3.50 a night in the country’s largest city, bustling Ho Chi Minh. With hearty bowls of delicious phở, chicken or beef noodle soup, for 60p and a pint of local beer costing no more than 30p, experience some of Vietnam’s rich culture and history for pennies.

To plan a holiday to Vietnam, you can access to – a site offering a wide range of Vietnam tours.

Rounding out the list of top 10 travel destinations are Indonesia, Gambia, Bulgaria, Hungary, India, Turkey, Cambodia, Latvia and Honduras.

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