Vietnam Among 2016 Bucket List Trips

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As the saying goes, “someday” is not a day of near future. We may be travel lovers, may not. But who can say for sure that they will travel nowhere during their life. Everything can change and we can too and we perhaps wish to have a trip of life, which widens your way to see the world and also change the way you interact with others. While the most intriguing country in the world differs for everyone, there are a few countries, including Vietnam suggested by Gehring Travel to be perfect Bucket List trips to take in 2016, thanks to great culture, accommodations, food & wine, and favorable currency exchange.

vietnam among the best place to travel and live

Vietnam, in the mind of many foreigners is associated with the world. There’s a misconception that if one isn’t into military history or isn’t a vet, then they should focus elsewhere, such as Indonesia or Bali, not Vietnam. This couldn’t be further from the truth: go there and you’ll realize the country is fascinating, and the “American War” (as it’s called there) is simply one dot on a complex and 1,000+ year old history. This, combined with healthy, delicious food, some of the friendliest people in the world, and 5*+ accommodations at reasonable prices, make this a must-visit destination now. That’s what this travel expert describes Vietnam

When To Plan:  4+ months in advance. Peak times (Christmas, Tet, and other holidays) require nearly a year’s notice. Otherwise, fairly flexible.

Best Time To Go: all time during the year.

Perfect Length of Time: 2 weeks (14 days including travel days) to combine North, Central, and South Vietnam along with a beach component.

Why Now?: Twenty-five years after reopening to the Western World, Vietnam is changing….fast. Even our private guide warned that Saigon would be entirely different (in a busy, skyscrapers everywhere kind of way) in 5 years. The old guard of the current culture is still young enough to tell stories of the pivotal 1960s & 70s, but they won’t be able to for much longer. Now is the perfect time to visit to understand the balance between the newfound luxury and the old world culture.

Tip:  Don’t try to cram too many countries into one Southeast Asia trip; giving Vietnam the time it deserves will be well worth it.

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