Urgent Vietnam visa approval letter from Australia

By: hanhpham

2 working days is too long for you to get a Vietnam visa approval letter, and you wish to speed its processing up! No worries since Visa-Vietnam.com.au also provides you with 2 more options for an urgent Vietnam visa application as following:

1. Urgent service

–    Apply online by completing Vietnam visa online application form

–    Pay the service fee with credit card or debit card though OnePay or PayPal

–    Receive your visa approval letter after 1 working day.

Please remember that the processing time is calculated since your payment and your visa application form is well-received.

2. Super- urgent service

–    Send your request for super-urgent service with passport details to our email at [email protected]

–    Make full payment for the service through the payment link via email to pay

–    Wait 3 or 4 working hours to receive visa approval letter via email

The visa approval letter for getting Vietnam visa on arrival will be sent to you by 12:00 PM (Vietnam time) if you finish your payment before 10:00 AM on the same day. If your payment is transferred to account of Vietnam-visa.com by 3:00 PM (Vietnam time), you will receive your visa approval letter by 6:00 PM (Vietnam time). Please remember that this time frame is for weekdays only (from Monday to Sunday, except for national holidays).

For information about processing urgent Vietnam visa approval letter at weekends or national holidays, please contact us at (+84) 946.583.583.

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