Tips for Renting a Vacation Home If You Are Disabled

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Finding a home, buying an apartment or renting a vacation home can be a little more difficult when you are disabled. You have to take the time to find a property that meets the specific needs you might have to ensure that your vacation rental is a place you can rest, relax, and enjoy yourself in. Here are a few tips for renting a vacation house if you are disabled.

Although it might take more time to find a property that is right for you, never fear! You will find a vacation rental that meets all your needs that will bring you some excellent memories when you finally get to go on vacation. The first thing you will want to do is write down the things you need in a holiday accommodation to be comfortable- this could include a home with wider hallways, on the ground floor, or with more of an open floor plan for simpler navigation around the vacation property.

Find a realtor who has experience working with disabled clients or who can take the list of things you want and need in a vacation home and translate that into a few options for you to choose from when it comes to picking a property. An experienced realtor will be able to listen to your specifications and understand why they are important and work with individual owners or property managers to make sure the properties they send to you are worth your time. A great realtor will be able to give you options for a vacation apartment that will make you so excited to go on vacation there!

If you are unable to work with a realtor, check online. There are many organizations that offer dealer services to disabled individuals as well as sites that can help you choose ADA compliant rental properties that have already been checked for accessibility. ADA compliance includes the property around the house as well so there would be ramps, fences, and level surfaces for ease of access around the ownership for people with physical disabilities.

If the property you are interested in isn’t on an ADA list, ask the owner if there are places in the house that might be a problem for you. Asking questions might help convince you that a vacation home is right for you or not before you ever step foot in it, and you might overlook a great property that you can vacation happily in just because it isn’t ADA compliant.

Before you get to the property purchasing vacation insurance could help you if the home isn’t all it was advertised to be. While vacation insurance won’t help you find a new vacation home immediately, it will help you get the money back you spent.

4 Tips Before Renting a Home For You and Your Family


When looking to rent a house, make sure it will be large enough for you and your family to live in comfortably. Keep in mind, having too big of a house will increase your energy bill and require you to clean a lot more space. With a larger home, your rent will be higher than that of a smaller home, so make sure you can afford the monthly payment.


The site of the home you are looking to rent is important because you want it to work for both you and your family.You can even go a step further and contact the local police department regarding crime around the home you are looking to rent. Going online and looking up any sex offenders within a one-mile radius will only take a few minutes to ensure the neighborhood is safe for your kids.

Monthly Rent

Make sure you can afford the home you are looking to rent. If the location and size are perfect and the monthly payment is too high, you will want to keep looking. Do not put yourself in a bad position by renting a home that is out of your monthly budget. In today’s society, some people think bigger is always better; that includes the monthly payment on the home they are trying to live in. Bigger is not always better and by having a monthly fee that is out of your budget will only lead to a big problem and possible eviction.


Before signing a lease agreement on a home, do a thorough walk-through of the property to ensure it is in good shape. Look at the carpet to ensure it is clean, check the appliances to ensure they are in working condition and always look for mold around all of the windows and door frames. You do not want to sign a lease on a home that has problems before you even move in. It is wise to take pictures of the home before you do move in, this will help prove the condition of the home before your lease expires and you move out. You want to leave home in the same or better condition it was before moving in or you run the risk of losing your security deposit.

Remember to take these things into consideration when choosing the next home for you and your family. It is always a good idea to prepare and think well ahead to avoid any potential problems in the future.

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