Time to get my Vietnam Visa Approval Letter

By: hanhpham

Hi, I am writing this on 13th June and my family of 4 members has tickets to travel to Vietnam on 16th Dec. We are Australian citizens and realized very late that we needed a visa for entry into Vietnam. I can apply for Vietnam visa on line but could you please let me know how long you will take to send the approval letter? If I can’t get that on time, I can’t travel and loose the money. I have also made lot of reservations in different cities of Vietnam.

Could you please see this as an urgent request?



Dear Lizzy,

Please be kindly informed that it takes maximum 2 working days to get visa approval letter with our normal service, 1 working day with urgent service even 4 working hours with super urgent service. Since your flight is on 16th so you just need to use normal service to save cost.

If you apply for Vietnam visa online now with our normal service, you will get your visa approval letter sent to your email by morning of June 15.

To apply, please click: https://booking.vietnam-visa.com/step1.html.

We hope it is clear to you.

Should you need more information about Vietnam visa for Australians and others as well, please feel free to contact us.



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