Legitimacy of Vietnam visa on arrival for Australians

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While Visa on arrival (VOA) has been more and more popular to many Australians wishing to travel to Vietnam by air, there is still some doubt that the VOA is not accepted by Vietnam Immigration Department. However, you don’t need to worry about the legitimacy of VOA as it is actually 100% legitimate and officially issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department.

Nowadays, the visa on arrival service is the fastest way to get Visa to Vietnam for most Australia passport holders. No need to travel to the Vietnam Embassy or to wait for a long time to receive your visa, applying for a VOA only requires you a computer with internet access.

Why Vietnam visa on arrival legal to Australian passport holders?

  • After finishing the application procedure for VOA online, Australians can receive Visa approval letter which is officially issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department, not the travel agent. Visa-vietnam.com.au only takes responsibility to be a bridge connecting you and the Vietnam Immigration Department for visa approval letter procession.
  • According to the article No.6 of the Ordinance dated April 28, 2000 on Entry, Exit and Residence of foreigners in Vietnam, VOA for Australians has been confirmed legitimate.
  • The Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs officially launches an online visa application portal for foreigners in general and Australians in particular traveling to Vietnam.

Do you agree that the legitimacy of Visa on arrival to Vietnam has been proven by these mentioned above reasons? Last but not least, you have to note that once you get your visa approval letter, your visa will surely be stamped at your arrival airport.

For more details on how to apply for Vietnam Visa on arrival for Australian passport holders, please refer to the link https://visa-vietnam.com.au/visa-vietnam-australian/.

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