halong Bay - Vietnam visa application from Australia

A trip from Hanoi to Halong – world of dreams and dragons

January 16, 2014by

Just about 180km from Hanoi, Halong Bay seems to be a...

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Hanoi with several activities to celebrate the Lunar New Year

January 14, 2014by

To celebrate the Lunar New Year of 2014, Hanoi will have...

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Extra service - Vietnam visa extension

Vietnam visa for Philippines citizens in UK

January 13, 2014by

We are Philippines passport holders and living in UK now. We...

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Obtain Vietnam visa for Australian passport holders

Whether Vietnam visa approval letter is refused at airport

January 8, 2014by

In case I get the visa approval letter from you to...

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Vietnam visa exemption list

No Vietnam visa required for visiting Phu Quoc

January 7, 2014by

A good news is that from March 10, 2014, foreigners and...

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Vietnam visa in Australia

Is visa on arrival available for exiting Vietnam by land

January 6, 2014by

I have read that with the "visa on arrival" I need...

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Vietnam Visa Tips

Multiple or single entry visa for Vietnam

December 30, 2013by

I'm Australia passport holders. I will visit many destinations in Vietnam...

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Vietnam Visa Extension service

Name on Vietnam visa Application form

December 30, 2013by

On my Australian passport my surname is first then my first...

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Vietnam Visa Tips

How to apply visa for arrival in Vietnam by cruise?

November 19, 2013by

We will be arriving on a cruise to Vietnam next month....

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