06 most attractive cities throughout Vietnam

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There’s a saying “travelling to Vietnam is like opening a bejeweled box and treating oneself with different layers of delights one after another”. It can be admitted that each region possesses its own unique features that beckon domestic and foreign visitors to explore. Followings are 06 cities, which attract foreign tourists most. Before starting the trip to all 6 cities of Vietnam, foreign visitors need to have a valid visa to Vietnam if their nationalities has not been included in Vietnam Visa Exemption list.

A modern and bustling city of Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) a famous Vietnam destinations - information about getting a vietnam visa

Dubbed as the Pearl of the Far East, Ho Chi Minh City (formerly called Saigon) has now become a young, dynamic and attractive place for both domestic and foreign visitors thanks to its favorable weather and kind-hearted people. Visitors to this biggest and busiest city can feel a mixture of modern and classic beauty, with high towers rising up alongside old villas.

The 1000 year old city of Hanoi

Hanoi, a city of peace, is featured with long-standing historical and cultural traditions, beautiful landscapes and elegant people, which have welcomed tourists from all parts of the world for centuries.

Among the famous tourist attraction in Hanoi, Hanoi’s Old Quarter is a should-not-miss one for those traveling to this city. This bustling old streets has been regarded as a center of commerce for thousands years.

A city without traffic signals – the flower city of Da Lat

Charming Da Lat city - Getting a Vietnam visa for travel

For many years, Da Lat has allured every visitor for its poetic and romantic city of a thousand flowers and morning fog. Visiting the city, visitors will be immersed in the city’s peaceful atmosphere. Though there are no traffic signals in Da Lat, residents never get stuck in a traffic jam.

Tuy Hoa – city of oil lamps and braziers

Lying near a beautiful beach, the city of Tuy Hoa welcomes visitors with excellent service, delicious and inexpensive food along with friendly smiling locals. At night in the city, charming oil lamps lighten up the city streets and small stands at the night market.

Nha Trang – A coastal city of delicious food

The coastal city of Nha Trang impresses visitors by pristine beaches and scuba diving along with delicious street foods, including grilled fermented pork roll, grilled beef and rice vermicelli with grilled fish. It has become one of the most attractive inbound travel destinations.

An “All-in-one” Da Nang city

Vibrant Da Nang city - Vietnam visa for Traveling to Vietnam

Endowed with clean and exciting environment, natural diversity, friendly people and delicious cuisine, Danang is regarded as the greenest city in Vietnam.

Recently, Da Nang has been voted in the list of 100 smart cities of the IBM Smarter Cities Challenge and recognized as one of the most potential cities for investment in Asia.

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